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How Anyone Can Switch Careers,
Ditch The 9-5 Grind & Become A Paid Basketball Trainer… In Just 8 Weeks!

Even If You Have No Training Experience Yet

Must Watch If You’d Love To Get Paid Well To Teach Basketball

*Results shared are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Individual results vary and are dependent on multiple factors.

What Other People Say About This*

"This Is Unbelievable!"

“Today is the day I quit my job... I'll never forget the very first conversation I had with you about 3 years ago... You've helped me so much”
John Draine
DraineTrain Basketball

“He’s Legit!”

“He’s helped me out so much… he’s helped my business hit another level. It’s been crazy… if you get a chance to work with him, go for it!”
Terell John
Big Break Basketball

“I’m Running Skill Labs Now!”

“Thanks Mark for your training system and how you’ve helped me develop as a coach… A year ago I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do this Mark’... Now I’ve got my own personal clients.”
Pete Rubke
*Results shared are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Individual results vary and are dependent on multiple factors.

You Can Become A Paid Basketball Coach, Even If You Don’t Have A Gym Or Any Prior Experience Teaching Basketball


  • The secret to setting up the business side of things at breakneck speed, including done-for-you website templates, step-by-step setup and how to receive payments and bookings online.
  • The optimal class size framework, to maximize your hourly rate, while still providing significant 1-1 help to your students. (This makes “The Four Hour Work Week” A Real Possibility)
  • How to market yourself and find more players than you know what to do with, even if you have no marketing experience. (Get the exact frameworks) 
  • The proven path to becoming a full-time or part-time basketball trainer in just 8 weeks.
  • How to turn your hobby and passion for basketball into a thriving business.
  • The easiest way to secure long-term gym space that can support your business as it grows.
  • The exact drills you can teach your students, based upon the NBA™ training techniques I learned from my mentor - world famous NBA™ trainer Micah Lancaster!

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We’ll outline how to secure your first class of students and transition from your old job into a new, rewarding career teaching basketball skills.


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More Happy Trainers Who Already Made The Transition*

Gabe Macias

Game Time Elite

“$1,200 In Sales In 2 Weeks!”

“I was very excited to join because I knew that this could take my business to the next level. 

Right away after implementing a couple techniques my business was more organized and had systems ready to go. The text message marketing helped me get $1,200 in sales in two weeks. 

My favorite thing was learning how to send out text and email marketing campaigns. I never knew how to attract potential prospects or old clients with those types of messages. But Mark’s strategy helped me out a ton.

The biggest benefit I got from working with Mark is my business is more professional and starting to become more automated. 

He’s helped me set up multiple systems that run on their own. I don’t have to do all the work by myself any more. These systems do their own thing and have freed up so much time.

If you’re an upcoming trainer and want to go full time or are a full-time trainer and struggling with setting up systems to get your business automated then you need to sign up for Mark’s program. 

The year isn’t even over yet and I’ve already doubled my income from last year all because of Mark's strategies. 

This program is next level and will help elevate your business!”
Myson Jones

Hoops Institute

“I’d Recommend This!”

“The price point at the time almost stopped me joining. But after joining and seeing the access I got to you personally, to ask questions, and the quick responses, I felt spoiled actually.

I got great insight into the things that were most important and urgent to what I needed in my training business.

I liked the frequent calls, it allowed me to get specific about the questions I had about my particular training business. 

And I liked the accountability piece that was added. 

The biggest benefit has been having those very particular questions answered, questions that most trainers wouldn't answer. 

You've disclosed a lot more than what other trainers would ever be willing to disclose, and I have gained value from that authenticity and vulnerability, especially when talking about numbers. 

I’d recommend this because the advice isn't just a course, it's specific to each trainer's individual business. 

And you share a broad range of knowledge; from building your own facility, to digital marketing, to all the other areas that are important for trainers to know.”
Pete Rubke

“You Cannot Lose With This Guy; He Simply Will Not Let You!”

“The program was easy to learn because of how well the concepts were broken down into steps.

The biggest benefit was as I went along with Mark and his teachings, it became apparent early on that I could do this.

I went from one week of getting certified, to conducting sessions with 20+ players and have not looked back since. 

As a trainer, learning this system from Mark is a step in the right direction for your training business. 

To have your facility make money and run smoothly, so you can concentrate on the development of your players, is priceless. 

He does not do anything by half … it’s 9000% full steam ahead and a winning mindset which carries over to everything that a person does. 

You cannot lose with this guy; he simply will not let you!”
 Randy Macias


“A Confidence Builder!”

As a new trainer we sometimes wonder if what we are doing is correct, or if we are even on the right path.  

Hearing what others go through is a confidence builder.  

It’s amazing how transparent you are. Being able to see what you have struggled with and what you are currently struggling with, really brings humility to the process. 

I would recommend you to others, however it would be with the reminder that there is a level of work they have to do. You're not going to do it for them. 
Jacob Russell

Basketball +

“The Ins And Outs Of Running A Successful Basketball Training Business!”

I try to invest in things that I can get some sort of return on.. whether that be financial return, or intellectual return.

After joining, I was able to learn a ton from you. Being able to ask questions when situations popped up was great. There were also very knowledgeable people in the group who also helped me out. 

I enjoyed the discussion on the Zoom calls. I couldn’t make a lot of them, but they were recorded, which was nice. 

The biggest benefits have been learning the ins and outs of running a successful basketball training business. 

Seeing someone who has been successful has given me hope. 

You were extremely helpful and had great insight into many of my situations. 

Seeing and talking to someone who is successful in this industry was great. 

And it goes beyond just your experiences; being a part of the group and community of people who love basketball and want to grow their business is so important to my personal business growth. 
*Results shared are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Individual results vary and are dependent on multiple factors.
*Results shared are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Individual results vary and are dependent on multiple factors.
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